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Yay..its fasting month. wishing all the muslim selamat hari puasa…puasa puasa fasting fasting…from my own experience, the 1st day of fasting is always the most painful..how my stomach growling keep asking for foods..when the time comes for breaking the fast, i eat, i eat i eat..like there is no tomorrow..and the circle goes on and on and on…


i for one, taking fasting as a good excuse to go on a weightlossdiet..hahahaha..but most of the time during breakthefast, i ended up eating more foods than i do in normal day..


so, at the end of the month, i gained a few kgs. haha. lol betul. kan?


I want to believe.

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One day they asked me,

“Do you believe in God?”

I don’t know what to answer to them. And I simply said to them,

“I am yet to believe in God”.

They were surprised to hear my answer. So I added some more,

“But I want to believe in God, I am not yet a believer.”

“I assumed you, who asked me of this question, a believer. So, I ask you, what or who is God?”

They silent. And I added,

“I wanted to know differences between God and Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. But why usually you refer Jesus Christ as the God himself?”

What to say is what to be said…

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Sometimes, or rather usually, I tend to get in “quiet” mode. I felt my lips are heavy, my tongue are hardened I found it is hard to speak and it is more easier just to be quiet and sit there just nodding. They silence is golden, however, at some point, I thought that silence is not so gold. Its more like, to be silence, you must be able to take up shit and pretend that nothing was ever happened and never complaint. Or simply said; I JUST DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU type of silence.

As for me, my type of quiet mode is the type of I don’t give a shit about you. Not that I ignore you when you’re talking, it just that my brain simply refuse to process what is being say. This mode usually comes into action during early morning and whenever my brain enter malfunction mode.

If I happened to bumped into someone I really care for, and she/he talks to me, I just answer in short and give a smile. 🙂


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Ok. I love coffee.

“Why you like kopi, ah?” asked Ah Pau. “I see. Is it because it’s free? Kopi from office’s pantry all free mah.” Ah Pau added.

Ah. Hehehe. 1% of that statement is so true.

So. I started to drink kopi when I was study in, uhh, Labuan i guess. But at that time, tiny bit of serbuk kopi was enough to keep me awake for the whole night. Back then, life was as simple as getting perfect scores for subjects. Lol. Like I ever get perfect scores. Perfect ‘0’ would be a logical target. Hahaha.

Then, during my University time, i met my ‘gila-kopi’ roomies. awh. there, i started to developed a healthy habit of drinking coffee. The strength of coffee had increased from tiny bit to 2 full tablespoon without sugar. Warghh. Only then, the brain starts to kick in. But it only fuels up my brain for only a mere 1 hour. Then, my brain pancet. The performance graph has drop to point of no return. That was when my coffee consumption at its peak. Without coffee, me and my roomies are zombies.

Now, still young and alive, barely made it through my study, is currently working. Heck yeah! I’m working. Years has gone since I last consume coffee, my blood has free from caffeine stain. However, the urge to consume coffee arise once more, as my work now requires high spinning brain plus hours of idling sitting in-front of computer.

For the first few months, i managed to run my brain creatively without caffeine-infested blood fueling it. Then.

“Haiya. It’s 10 o’clock lor! Dona! Jum drink kopi!” Ah Pau shrieking from afar, asking for my companion to the pantry.

See. How can I resist such temptation? Haha..so. I start to consume coffee once again. At normal intake. As days goes by, sugar supplies were the first to depleted, ended with coffee. Left with no choice, as I need to drink kopi so badly, I start my day with Kopi-0 (kosong). Yeah! Tastes like stout + bad beer.

Then, my day has started. Even now, i’m still on caffeine-high. Hahahahaha..


Eh. I like Kopi Chap Ah Moi. Dunno why.

Although kopi nescafe is fine, I still like that local product. Hehe.

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This is my Life?

The Bakun trip. Aaahh..every time when it comes to traveling to Bakun Dam construction site..“aaargghhh” is the only word.

B ut whe n staying in Bakun, i actually love it there. There fresh air in the morning…huahhhh..!! Waking up to the cold morning with the hill view, which is really astonishing panorama on earth..on the wretched land of Bakun construction site..

Ok. On the way back to Bintulu from Bakun, now.

Semasa on the way balik, it raining. adeh. couldn’t take gambar lah pulak. haiyahhhh..

and finally…we sampai di persimpangan Bakun-Bintulu-Miri. There was a small bazaar which sells fruits, vege, bbq and many other things from Bakun and the area within.

Sampai di persimpangan, we have to make a tough decision, whether to head straight to Bintulu or go to the sin city, Miri.

Hmm..well..whatever…we headed straight to Bintulu. A long straight road awaits. zzzz..another boring scenic view that we have to encounter.

For those who always feel the need for speed, this is for you. hehe..no speed limit imposed.

After 10 hours of 160km/h speeding, we finally arrived at the legendary town that power the whole state of Sarawak, Bintulu.


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yeah..dah lamak sik merepek sorang2..xkisah la xde orang baca or view.so.ok.thank you.itu saja coretan harinih.


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This is muh homey…